Monday, May 20, 2013

Some things that make me uncomfortable (that might make you uncomfortable). AND A BEDROOM STORY.

- Oh my word, the church pews. There is no place less comfortable. Every Sunday about fifteen minutes into the meeting, without fail, I start shifting uncomfortably (and very conspicuously). I often somehow end up laying or nearly laying on the pew, at which point I decide it would just be better for everyone if I go sit on the couches in the foyer or the rockers in the mother's room.

- I'm sprouting a weird amount of stray hairs on my stomach. Of all places... The worst is that it's on the low part of my stomach, under the bump, so I can't see it in order to shave it. I did a blind shave and just hoped I got it all. I thought I was successful but Conrad found a missed one and teased me for it. Normally a few stomach hairs wouldn't bother me, but seeing that it's summer and either want to be in a bathing suit or naked most of the time, I figured I should just do the beach-goers of San Diego a favor and try to get rid of them.

- I'm sleeping a pretty consistent ten hours a day, and I wake up every three hours to pee and get some more water. Every time I get up, the baby thinks it's time to wiggle, so I think when I add up all of the actual sleep time, it's closer to seven hours.

- I want a crib. I'm dying for a crib. Why? Not to put a baby in. Baby can stay where he is for now. I want a crib so I can put all of the junk baby stuff I've accumulated into it and get it off my bedroom floor. How's that for nesting?

- Speaking of the bedroom... that whole thing is awkward. Not that. The actual sleeping part. I used to look on our bed as a wonderful place. The most comfortable place in the world. I even devoted a whole post to it. Now, that horrible thing is my nemesis. It doesn't let me sleep. It's too hard. It's too small. Sharing a bed with someone in such close proximity is driving me and my belly orb bonkers. There simply isn't enough room in it for me, the orb, my five pillows, and my husband whose body somehow kicks into furnace mode while he sleeps. Plus, sharing blankets has become, like, my second least favorite thing. For a while, Conrad was the sweetest thing ever and SLEPT ON THE FLOOR so I could get a good night's sleep. Can you even believe?

Then, after a while, he started getting whiny and wanted back on the bed. I had to allow it, but then I was cranky from discomfort and lack of sleep. So I solved my own problem by going and sleeping on the guest bed. This worked a few times, but left us lonely. There's something about waking up next to someone you like that just makes you have a better day. So Conrad started to give me guff again. Something about how we're married and shouldn't be sleeping in separate rooms, and sharing a bed isn't an option. I tried to truck it out in the nemesis queen, but found that my back hurt and my brain didn't want to work the next day. I told Conrad, "Hey, why don't you sleep in the guest room with me?! After all, the marvelous twin bed with the saggy mattress that allows me to still sleep on my stomach does have a trundle you could sleep on!"

So we've been trundling for the past couple weeks (this is actually why Conrad got me the body pillow for Mother's Day; he was hoping it might make the queen more comfortable for me. It didn't). Conrad is such a good sport. He still has a thing about being on separate twin beds, but I argue that they're practically the same bed as long as the mattresses are touching. We don't have to share blankets, I get the wonderful mattress sag (which any normal human would hate), and we get to wake up together!

Now taking donations for a new king bed. Did you have major sleep problems when you were pregnant? Did they go away after you had the baby, or did your new habits stick around?


  1. Your bump is so cute! Just came across your blog, it's adorable! Can't wait to follow along :)

    xoxo Jamie
    Hello Little Scout

  2. I used a body pillow to sleep with for the whole last half of my pregnancy, and I probably only slept under the sheets twice... I was so hot at night! After baby I continued to sleep with the body pillow because I felt so bloated and my hips ached. After a month or so I ditched the body pillow and replaced it with two less intrusive normal pillows (one queen pillow between my legs and under my still-shrinking-but-much-smaller belly and another under my head and large-and-heavy-from-nursing chest). After another month or so my hips weren't feeling achy any more and I was not feeling so bloated, so I went down to one pillow for my head and chest. Only when I started weaning my little guy down to three mommy feedings per day (when he started on rice cereal) did I feel comfortable in my old sleeping positions (on my stomach, or on my side without a bra). My sweet hubby tolerated the various pillow changes but was happy when I was able to get it down to just one "normal" pillow.

  3. I had such bad sleep problems when I was preggers. For the last 4 months of my pregnancy I slept on the floor with about 15 pillows (I called this my nest. When that got old I dragged our guest room mattress into our bedroom and slept on that for the rest of my pregnancy... and the first 3 months of my daughters life. Just do whatever works for you, and try to get comfy!

    1. Literally lol'ed. You gotta do what you gotta do. It's SO hard to get comfortable sometimes! For your daughter's first 3 months, did you sleep on the floor mattress out of necessity, or just convenience? I'm trying to get a grasp on how long it might take before I'm able to be comfortable again.

  4. Funny story. When I was pregnant with my girl we were a little late to church (like during the opening hymn) and our ward was SO HUGE that the only spots left were on the metal chairs in the back and I said, "No I am not sitting on those chairs, my bum can't take it!" And everyone in ear shot laughed. My husband was super embarrassed but I needed the padded Relief Society chairs!

  5. I slept with a body pillow for the last 6 months of my pregnancy, but didn't feel like I really needed it until I was about 8 months - then my belly was so huge that I needed the support haha. I was also like a furnace and it was in the summer so I almost never had any blankets on me either. The worst was the last month though, along with the uncomfortable feeling from my huge belly I also had insomnia so I was up til 2 or 3 am every night and be up at 8 the next day. I used to joke it was my body getting me ready for sleep deprivation for when the baby arrived ;) Cause if you think you have a hard time sleeping now, it only goes downhill for a while after birth!


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