Saturday, May 18, 2013

Twenty Seven

First, can I just say that it's laughable that I thought I had a belly here

Second, my first Mother's Day was pretty great. Conrad got me this body pillow. At first, I kind of hated it and wished he had gotten me some new canvas and a bluetooth device. But then, THEN, a couple days later, I took a nap with it and slept for a good 50% of a 24 hour period. I had the most glorious pillow lines on my chest and face, and it took them an hour and a half to go away. That's how you know you slept well. 

My mom got me some pregnancy and labor goodies. She said she "wanted to get something that was more for mommy than baby." A cocoa butter stick for my belly (which is mysteriously void of stretchmarks; my tots, on the other hand...), a bottle of massage oil that smells like a spa (meant for massaging my body while I'm pregnant), and a delicious candle that makes me wonder if I have pica (I promise I don't). I don't think the candle will make it with us to the hospital. I've already burned through a third of it. 

My parents took us to the Pasadena Showcase which is one of my favorite, favorite things. Looking through artfully decorated homes might be my number one thing to do, ever. The only downside was that it was LA's surprise heatwave weekend meant to kill pregnant women. 95 degrees outside, 100 degrees inside. Yes, friends, they did not condition that air. Many contractions were had. 

As for pregnancy milestones, we're one week away from third trimester! The boy-child is getting bigger and stronger, as are his kicks. 

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