Tuesday, June 25, 2013

10 minute jute projects for a nautical vibe!

Do you guys know what jute is? It's like thin rope, or thick cord, that is similar in texture to burlap, hemp, and other natural fibers. Last year it became one of my favorite, favorite materials to use for crafting. I love how it looks like rope (can't get enough of nautical accessories lately). I use it to hang wreaths and other projects on the wall, and I finally got around to doing a couple projects I had been wanting to do: wrapping some outdated household decorations in it for a beachy update!

All you need is jute (this is the one I got), hot glue, and a few minutes. Hot glue the jute to whatever items in your house need a nautical upgrade. Lamp shades, vases, lamp bases, picture frames, decorative bowls, or even a brick to use as a doorstop are all fun, easy projects!

When Conrad saw the lampshade, he said, totally unprompted, "It looks like it belongs in a little beach hut." There you have it! If my oblivious husband thinks it looks beachy, I think we're safe in saying it's a great way to accessorize your home if you're wanting a beach-house vibe.

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