Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Lately we've gotten into the habit of having a nice, long pillow-talk conversation when we get in bed. I'm kind of loving it. We get to talk about whatever is on our minds at the end of the day, whether it's something big like how we're going to raise our son, or something small like a new food we've been wanting to try.

We talk about things we're afraid of (the future, that last Supernatural episode) and things we want to be better about (not using coasters, being more cheerful). But one of my favorite things is recounting old childhood memories. Some of them are so buried in the back of our brains that we are literally sharing something we've never told anyone before. We'll laugh about the stupid things we did that we thought were cool, and we look at our parents differently. Experiences are remembered differently once you're an adult, and especially once you're about to be a parent.

It's pretty great. Also, I took a breastfeeding class yesterday that was gloriously awkward. So there's that.


  1. I love that! It was one thing I really missed when there was a baby sleeping in our bed. One reason I only co sleep for two months.

  2. I love pillow talks. They are always the best conversations! :-)

  3. Yeah. I felt awkward after my breastfeeding class too. Ultimately, though, I was very glad I went. I was also very glad I went to the "Moms-to-Moms" group the same woman who taught the class led for the first few months. I went weekly at first because I felt terribly overwhelmed, and then I went bi-monthly and then monthly and then not at all. It made me smile when I realized I finally felt competent and confident enough to not go. That group helped give me the support I needed to feel like I was a good mom, not just because I figured out breastfeeding (many moms there bottle fed their babies and that was okay too!) but also because they made me feel like everything I was feeling was NORMAL. That helped a LOT. If you liked your instructor (despite the awkward topic) you should find out if she knows about a mommy group in your area.

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