Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Local babymoons are better (Babymoon post #2)

Day two of our babymoon began with a big box of assorted pastries from a little Danish bakery in Solvang. We all chose whatever we wanted, then shared and scarfed down the flaky, sugary goodness. Unfortunately, there was so much scarfing that there was hardly even a thought in my head about taking pictures. So pastries are something you will not see a lovely picture of. I did, however, snap a very perfectly timed picture of the ostriches at an ostrich farm on the way to the bakery. Less attractive, but perhaps more entertaining than pastries. 

We hit the road and started driving. Baby was as affected as a tiny baby might be if you pumped him full of sugar, then sat in the car for a couple hours. He squirmed and kicked for 45 minutes, then crashed. We both slept until we got to Santa Barbara. Sweet Conrad wanted to rent one of those little carts that you all sit in and peddle so that he could peddle me around and give my pfffft ankles a rest, but one of the brothers was too cool to do that, so we walked on the Santa Barbara pier, which ended up being perfect and breezy. And see that little dingy in the water in the lower right of the picture? There's a dog in it.

We wanted to eat at a local place for lunch. Somewhere we couldn't eat at home. So we went to Brophy Brothers and enjoyed open-face tuna melts and endless refills of soda. Can you tell that our raging little party was a little less raging by mid-day?

We decided we had seen and eaten and walked everywhere we wanted to, and we were ready to head home. My awesome brothers, who both have legs significantly longer than mine, were kind enough to not make the pregnant girl sit all the way in the back. Needless to say, they were pretty over the third row by the end of the weekend. 

We got home Saturday evening with plenty of time to wind down and shower (and maybe lounge around and do nothing). After a weekend full of greasy pizza, pastries, and all kinds of other treats (that may or may not have included a chili burger, ample french fries, many sodas, and at least the baby's weight in cheese), I decided to make a lighter, healthier dinner for my family (on a related sidenote, I will soon be raving about my newfound love of kale salad). 

The next morning, Conrad and I said our goodbyes to my family and headed to Los Angeles to visit some of our very favorite people, who happen to also be having a baby soon. We played Cards Against Humanity, which is delightfully inappropriate, and we ate good food. Our husbands talked about work and played Minecraft, and Elyssa and I compared belly buttons and felt each others' babies kick.

Six months ago, I would have told you that I wanted to go to Italy on my babymoon. Boy, would I have missed out (and over-exhausted myself). This was the perfect way to celebrate our non-parenthood/upcoming parenthood.

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