Thursday, June 13, 2013

Beach House Transformation: White walls

I've been wanting white walls for at least 6 months, probably more. My hideous beige walls seemed so dark and made our house feel cave-y. A while ago, I finally decided I was actually going to do it, and early this week I set the date.

I don't know what my deal is, but I always have too-high expectations when I go to choose wall paint. Like the perfect color will be there, calling my name, but really it goes more like, "Uh, I guess this one will be good. Oh, you don't have it in that finish? Well then I guess this one will work fine."

And then there's my expectations of the actual painting process.

It will be easy! Painting walls is fun and fast!

Oh yeah, I forgot about moving all the heavy furniture, taping everything with blue tape, letting it dry, and putting all the heavy furniture back.

Queue calling a friend to help. One who knows more about painting than me, it turns out. Who knew that when you go from beige to white you'd need multiple coats? Who knew that you have to wait for the first coat to dry completely, otherwise the paint gets tacky and peels itself off? Not the pregnant one.

Anyway, here's the before and after pictures. The pictures don't really do the room justice; the beige made the room feel so dark, especially since our walls have some texture and catch shadows really easily. With the white walls, it's so much more clean and airy, the way a beach cottage should feel.

More home tour updates coming soon!

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  1. I love the white much better, and I feel the same way about paint picking haha.

    Keep the house updates coming :)


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