Friday, June 14, 2013

The baby with no heartbeat

A while ago, I wrote this post when I found out that my cousin's wife, who had lost her baby, was pregnant again. I was so excited that they were able to move forward and still find joy, and that we would get to have our babies together.

My mom just called me and told me that at four months pregnant - again - she lost her baby and had to deliver it. I am heartbroken for my sweet friend. I absolutely can't imagine the pain she's going through, especially a second time. I also can't describe the guilt I feel that she has lost two babies in the time I've kept one. Guilt is a weird thing, isn't it? Life is unfair, that some of us get to keep a baby and some of us don't, and that we're forced to just keep going on with everything.

So tonight, I pray for women who have lost babies, and also for women who keep them, that we may all know how to deal with this tragedy and help each other through it all. I'd also like to invite you, this community of bloggers and friends, whether you're religious or not, to say a small prayer or send a positive thought outward for women struggling with this sadness.


  1. This is a very similar story to one of my friends. Last year, several of us were pregnant, and she was the one who had a miscarriage. The saddest part about that was she was the only one out of 6 of us who actually got pregnant on purpose. I was heartbroken for her. Earlier this year she announced that she was pregnant, and it was going well for a few months. I believe around her 4th month they found out the baby had no heartbeat and she had to deliver the little angel. I am heartbroken for her again, and everytime I look at my little ones, I am filled with so much joy for my family and so much pain for hers. She is dying to have a baby, but for some reason, she isn't meant to have one, not just yet.

    These stories bring so much pain, but I completely admire those who are able to move on from that pain and create something positive and beautiful out of it. I can't say that I would be able to keep it together. I don't know that I could - maybe, but maybe not.

    So my heart goes out to all as well. You're all amazing. <3

  2. My friend is one of the amazing ladies that has turned her heartbreak into something positive. Check out her Facebook page ~ Brianna is the name of her angel baby.


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