Monday, July 15, 2013


This week, my brother Ryan leaves for a two year mission in Bolivia. Yesterday was the last day I'll see him for two whole years. He'll miss the Boy's birth by a couple of weeks, and won't meet him until he's walking and talking!

When I left for college four years ago, my mom and I had to catch an early flight, so the whole family was sleeping when I left. I peeked my head in to each of my siblings' rooms and said goodbye to them. My sister grumbled and went back to sleep. My youngest brother woke up with us to say goodbye, but mostly just stood by quietly while we packed the car. When I looked in on Ryan, I told him I was leaving, and he looked up from his pillow and said, "Bye, Tess, I love you." He sat up in bed and the door closed between us.

I knew all my siblings loved me, but for some reason, saying goodbye to Ryan hit me the hardest. He said "I love you" and my other siblings didn't. He looked at me like he would actually be sad that I was gone, where my sister mostly wanted me to let her go back to sleep. Last night, I sort of re-lived that experience, only instead of going away to college for three months, we're parting for two years. He's missing a birth. He might miss a wedding. He's missing a graduation. We're missing him. But the work he's going to do is amazing and hard and worth it.

He'll be a great missionary. He's got tons of energy and enthusiasm. The people of Bolivia will be blessed to have him. Here's to two years going by fast!

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  1. Oh saying good bye to missionaries is hard! I had the hardest time with my brother who is only three years younger than me and my best friend sibling. He made it back in time for my wedding and all my kids. My sister missed my daughter's birth, but now Olivia loves her like they've always been close. I'm glad she didn't miss her toddler years instead, they are more interactive and fun for aunts and uncles. My youngest brother left just after my son was born. It's exciting to think of them meeting again when Axel's two! Babies just make the reunion that much sweeter! Good luck to your brother! Such an exciting time to be serving :)


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