Saturday, August 17, 2013

Forty! Hello Due Date. So lovely to see you. Not.

Here we are. On our due date. Still cookin'.

I honestly thought I'd have a two- or three-week-old baby by now.

I got my "membranes swept" yesterday, so hopefully labor is on its way. If I go past today, The Boy is officially overdue - and it looks pretty likely that that will happen. I'm a little concerned about how big he's getting in there...

In other news:

We started the demo for our kitchen. Today. Weirdest timing ever, but we figured we'd rather have it that much closer to done whenever The Boy decides to show up.

I cut the sleeves off an old cropped jean jacket (from this post) and turned it into a vest. I cannot express my excitement about it. I'd been wanting a denim vest for a while, as well as a non-cropped denim jacket, so instead of buying both, I turned the one I had into a vest. I'm very excited to model it for you. You know... When I'm not forty weeks pregnant.

And I've started buying post-maternity clothes. Mostly sweats. Who am I trying to impress? All sweats. It's all loungewear.

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