Thursday, September 26, 2013


I'm a major hater of cabin fever. Major. I get it super easily if I spend too many days in a row in the house without leaving, and it doesn't take long before it turns into some sort of seasonal affective disorder and I need free counseling at the community college (true story. did that a couple years ago). Since having Henny, I've been spending a lot of time indoors, partly because it is hard to be out and about when you're recovering from a c-section, and partly because I'm a paranoid first-time mom who is worried about flu season and yucky strangers sticking their fingers in his mouth when I'm not looking. 

I grouped all my errands and to-do's together based on location to save time and gas, and we ended up in La Jolla for a few things. I dropped a couple boxes off at the thrift store (something about remodeling makes me reevaluate what we actually need to keep. It's refreshing), then we headed to the temple. For those of you who haven't seen this temple in person, it's amazing and beautiful and kind of hilarious. You can see it on the 5 freeway, like a glowing, giant castle-beacon. I'd say it sticks out like a sore thumb, but sore thumbs are bad. I had to buy some stuff at the distribution center, which ended up being closed for renovation. Even though our plans were foiled, I couldn't help but stop and look around and be happy that this little boy is mine forever. Beautiful buildings, good weather, and forever families are the stuff of dreams. 

^^^Next stop, Nordstrom's at the UTC mall. I made the return I needed to make, then Master H demanded food, so we went to the ladies' lounge. I think that's actually what it's called. The lounge. The mother's room in the lounge is bonkers. It's all dimmed and private with cozy chairs and changing tables. I fed, burped, and changed the boss in the glorious, dark privacy (we haven't quite mastered nursing while covered with a blanket, so privacy is appreciated, more by others than by myself), and we left to conquer some more of the mall.

^^^H.C., alert and milk-drunk, handles Nordstrom's like a champ with a burp rag firmly tucked under his chin. This is a must. When we arrived at the mall, I took him out of the car and noticed that he had spit up a shocking amount of food right into the buckle of the carseat, and it had started to dry and turn into a super-gross breastmilk cheese. You can go vomit now.

^^^UTC mall, all newly redesigned with fountains and canopy-covered outdoor lounges. It. Is. Luxe. 

^^^Also, go check out the Forever 21. It's not the most insane one I've been in (there's a freaking two-story one in San Francisco that I went to, and also one in West Covina), but it's pretty insane. 


^^^Our last stop was at the Scripps Hospital to visit Henry's Aunt Brittany where she's a nurse for the La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Center. I hadn't planned on seeing her, but I remembered that she lived and worked in La Jolla, so I called her to see if she was free, and she ended up being able to see us on her lunch break. Hen had just eaten* and had a nice, energy-burning meltdown in the car, so he was peacefully asleep for her. We hung out in the Memorial Garden of the hospital for close to an hour, and it was totally gorgeous. 

*I fed Henry a second time, back in the glamorous mother's lounge, and I also ate a sandwich at the same time. You veteran mothers may not think much of this, but I was quite impressed with myself. Also, H was pooping, as babies do. Together, we were just getting a whole lot done. 

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