Friday, September 27, 2013


 ^^^This last weekend, Henny and I took a little trip to La Verne to visit my family. My parents rent the apartment over their garage to a couple who also just had a baby, so we absolutely had to take a picture of the cheeks and the baldness and the awesomeness that slept in those two carseats.

^^^Hen met Jasper. Jasper had a moment with Hen when he was still in my belly. Neither was so sure about the other this time, though. Jasper was a little wary of the thing that smelled funny and made lots of noise and kept his best friend (me) from spending time with him. Henry was a little wary of the thing with the cold wet nose who kept disturbing his sleep.

^^^Hen was in his donut and started crying, and my brother Lane (who is 17 and a little nervous with babies) was the only one with free hands, so he went over and picked him up and snuggled him back to calmness. Only ten minutes before, I had asked Lane if he wanted to hold him, and he declined. When he went and picked him up, I was careful not to point it out. It's like when a little kid tells you he likes the quiche, and if you tell him there are vegetables in it, he will cry and "not like it" anymore. I didn't want to draw too much attention to the moment, otherwise it might remind Lane of why he was nervous in the first place. So naturally, I had to take a picture and faun over them. 

^^^Jasper came and sat with Hen on his donut, and my camera fingers just weren't speedy enough to catch him sniffing Hen's face and body. Poo.

^^^Hen laid there until he fell asleep. With his eyes open. #creepystuffbabiesdo

My Nana and Papa came over (they had already met him, so the title of this post is misleading, I'm sure), and we got some pictures. I love generation pics, however cliche they may be. My grandparents are each other's second spouse, and they each had kids when they got married. We're all family, and his kids are her kids and her kids are his, and the grandkids are both of theirs, no matter whose blood they have. But there's still something special about when a baby is born. Hen is Nana's first great-grandchild that comes from her (though he is the fifth total), so it was a teensy bit extra special for her to spend some time with him. 

^^^Henny is THE BEST little sleeper. He snoozes so peacefully, and he is just so smiley and  floppy and lovable to hold when he's sleeping. Also, sometimes his positions look like he's playing air guitar. I got to take a little nap with him on Saturday, and it was so sweet to hold is warm little body close and hear him breathe. I slept super light, because of his grunts and little noises, but it was still refreshing.

Also, I got some new jeans and a few new shirts, courtesy of Nana and Mom. I'm still figuring out how to dress this new mom body of mine, given that most of my parts are slightly bigger, so I greatly appreciated the contribution to my wardrobe.

^^^I'm telling you, he sleeps. He met his little buddy Juniper for the first time (who, by the way is 6 weeks older than him), and he matched her in length, and passed her in hand, foot, and head size. Also, he slept for a good half of the visit. Also also, I love her like she's my niece. Her mama was my neighbor/self-declared roommate in college, bridesmaid, and best pal.

This is Juni and Hen before birth:

Stay tuned for when Hen meets another set of grandparents (this time it really will be for the first time, I swear. No more misleading titles).

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  1. Little snuggly babies are the best!! Henry is so absolutely precious!!


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