Saturday, September 28, 2013


On Sunday, Conrad's dad was being released after over six years as bishop of his ward. It was bittersweet for him, I'm sure. So I drove down from visiting my family in LA to join the Frames for a little family dinner after church. Conrad's grandparents came, and it was the first time they got to meet Henry. Just look at Grandpa holding Hen. Over 85 years apart, and four generations of Frame men. Hen will carry on the name. It was actually really nice for this mama because everyone wanted to hold him, I got to relax and visit and think and talk about things other than mommy stuff. Which sometimes you need, if you're me, or you'll go nutso. 

Three things about Grandpa:
1. He's nuts off his rocker. No one ever know's what he's talking about, or who he's talking to, but he's not actually senile. One time, I got trapped, and he talked to me for an HOUR about how great of an invention aspirin is.
2. He's a history buff, but his memory is shot, so he doesn't actually get any facts right. We let him tell all the stories anyway, because they're better when they're dripping with wrongness.
3. He has a moped, and rides it regularly.

This is Grandma Frame. Bev. She's 80 and so stylish, and I have the fattest girl crush on her because she is so dang spunky. She has, like 30 grandkids or something, and around ten great-grandkids. 
Three things about Grandma:
1. She kisses me every time I see her.
2. She made the worst Thanksgiving meal I've ever tasted, and it was so bad that we all loved it. (like when a joke is told so poorly that it's hilarious anyway)
3. She is referred to as "The Estate" by her children, because she controls all the assets and is still boss, even at 80.

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