Monday, November 11, 2013


These last few weeks have been homey. As in, we haven't left the house much due to NaNoWriMo (I'm working hard on something!), and also due to trying not to spend all my money in order to afford Christmas gifts later. So during writer's block breaks and Parks and Recreation breaks and nursing breaks, I kept an eye out for Bath and Body Works' candle sale. Like, I literally checked online twice a day for over a week. 

Finally they went on sale, and I ran and got dressed, woke the baby up and fed him, and strapped us both in the car. We were gettin' some candles. Guys, I bought seven. I don't have a problem or anything. What can I say? I burn through the things (!). I've currently got a pretty great stash, now that I'm all stocked up on Fall and Winter scents. 

A quick aside, when we went into the mall (I know, the mall) it was all hot with that early Fall heat that you get in the afternoons, and when we came out, stroller full of candles and baby and a new pair of booties, it was cool and shady and downright evening-y. And I loved it and my excitement for the holidays (which is a burning flame all year round) turned into a full-on roaring wildfire.

These are my favorite candles (plus this one, but I'm pretty sure it's the only non-B&BW) - especially the cologney ones (mahogany teakwood smells like Abercrombie). The spicy ones are great, too. I probably use around one a week. Womp womp. My enormous inventory should last me at least until Thanksgiving, right?

You know how in fourth grade, we were taught how the American Indians used every part of the buffalo? Well, that's how I am with these candles. Even once they're burned all the way out, there's still a half-inch of wax at the bottom. I melt it down by heating the whole candle in a little water on the stove, then pour it in layers and make a whole new candle! Tutorial here.

Al Gore would be so proud of my recycling efforts.

I even re-use the jars! Once you've poured out the melted wax, clean it out. Do it while the glass is still warm and it's worlds easier. Toss in some Q-tips, cotton balls, etc., and you've got some DIY apothecary jars!

*Not a sponsored post. I just love those candles.


  1. This is my life! My roommate and I counted 6... just in our living room! Such a great idea!

  2. I loooove candles!



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