Friday, November 8, 2013


Last Sunday marked the day that Henry Frame was no longer my froggy-legged, teeny baby. He's now a man. Practically ready to get married. I mean, he's hardly even bald anymore. Blond fuzz is filling in. His feet are huge, like a man's, and his outfits are downright mature.

I can't take it.

Those cell phone pics are hiiiiiiiigh quality, amiright? [insert magical sarcasm font]

Do you guys have any advice for flat spots? H has a favorite position and it's starting to show. We do tummy time, we do bumbo time, and still, the scalp flattens. Exactly how many minutes of tummy time should we be doing? Should I expect results soon, or will it take several months to solve?


  1. Gah! So cute I die. I love dressing my kids as little adults, because I'm not really a baby person so that's kind of how I view them from the start. I'm weird.

  2. Does he usually sleep with his head facing the same direction? That's what caused my son to have a flat spot that showed. My doctor had me role up a receiving blanket and place it on the side of my son's head that he tended to lean toward. It "forced" him to either keep his head strait or lean his head the other way, so that the side that was getting flat could have a chance to round out. Our little guy was pretty cranky about it at first, but he got over it (I'll be honest, I only did this at nap times - I didn't want to fight with him before bed).

  3. P.S. I totally get what you are saying about your bitty baby getting "old." I was SO sad when I went to look for those sweet footie pajamas for my 9 month old (who was wearing size 12 mo clothes at the time) and only found two piece pajamas! That's what big boys wear - what? I did eventually find footie pajamas again but I really had to look hard.


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