Monday, November 4, 2013


We're burger people in our family. Big time. Especially since I got pregnant. At least two burgers a week, no joke. On our list of favorites are: 
In N Out
The Habit
(Conrad threw Del Taco in the mix, totally left fielded me)

On our list of not-favorites are:
The Counter (we don't like our patties to be balls)
Five Guys (too greasy and peanuts everywhere = death for me)
Burger Lounge (never actually had it, but peanuts everywhere again)

Anyway, my favorite burger from Smashburger (lately, not always) is the BBQ Bacon Cheddar. It's a horrendously greasy (we're talking dripping grease) and amazing burger. No veggies, unless you count the haystack onions. Which I do. I had it for the first time when I was about eight months pregnant and it rocked my hormonal world, so naturally, I did what I did and raved to Conrad about it. 

He was excited to hear it, and told me I should try the Western from Carl's. This is when I rolled my eyes so hard they got stuck like the moms all say they will. It's basically a lower-quality version of the same burger. I'd been putting it off, since I'm a self-proclaimed burger snob and wasn't anxious to ever waste a lunch date on Carl's Jr.

Skip to. Last week Henny (pictured above, angelically looking out his stroller) and I were out getting the oil changed (I'm an adult!) when Conrad told us to meet him at Carl's for lunch. I figured, sure, since we didn't have any other plans. I got there first and nursed H in the corner, then we had our burgers. 

And here's what I have to say to you, Western.
I'd rather pay for the $8 burger. Sorry. Also, floppy bacon is the worst, and your onion rings taste five years old. We came home and made these faces:

Then we snuggled on the couch and probably had another burger for dinner. I'm either going to die of a heart attack in ten years or outlive everyone. 

A side note about that very same Carl's Jr.:
I got a flat tire there with my mother-in-law and sat in the drivers seat nursing Henry while the guy jacked the car and changed our tire. It was a weird situation.

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  1. I'm 5 months pregnant and now I have an immense craving for a hamburger. Thanks a lot! :)

    1. Girl! GO GET ONE! Heaven knows I ate at least four burgers a week when I was pregnant. It's good protein and iron. Justified.

  2. Pregnancy is so funny, because if I had anything even remotely greasy I was puking my guts out all day long. After the baby, now that is a different story. Probably because I held off on burgers for so long AND Utah had just gotten In-N-Out (this CA girls was so happy!) I ate them a lot with my baby in the car seat :) And now I want burgers for dinner tonight! We will avoid Carl's, fo sho.


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