Saturday, November 16, 2013


Hey Fall in Carlsbad,
Stop it, would ya? Stop it with your beautiful pool weather and your birds of paradise and your sunshine on the golf course. Henry and I went on a walk last week and were expecting a brisk little outing where we might enjoy fallen yellow leaves and some light wind.

But no. You had to go and be all eighty degrees. It was so comfortably warm that I got a tanline from my baby wrap in fifteen minutes, and Henry fell fast asleep with his head aaaaaaaaalll the way back!

And the leaves! Maybe five of them on the ground? Shouldn't I be knee deep in crisp orange and yellow and brown leaves?

Really, there was no way to actually recognize Fall except that THERE WERE CROWS IN THE PALM TREES. It was confusing.

Girls don't like mixed signals.

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