Tuesday, November 26, 2013


A couple weeks ago, we were planning on driving up to Newport for like, the fifth week in a row, to visit my parents at their beach house. They were meeting with some potential renters at 1:00, and we had some time to kill, so we met up with the Kirkhams (aka, our married-friend soulmates).

A quick aside on married-friend soulmates: It is SO. HARD. to make friends. When you're little, it's like, hey, I'm Tess, you're putting worms in your pockets. Let's be friends. As adults, there's so much criteria that needs to be met! Like, senses of humor and work ethic and general demeanor. When did all that stuff start mattering? Anyway, it's even harder to find married friends, where both girls and both guys get along with both girls and both guys. Sometimes only the girls click, or only the guys, and it just kind of fizzles out after a couple double dates. But then. There's the Kirkhams. Elyssa is my lady soulmate. She's my person (a la Yang and Grey). She married Chris about a year after I married Conrad, and we started getting together, and all four of us love all four of us. It's like, we don't even have to try. Chris and I have a mutual love of Cheese. All of them have a thing for gaming (I'm out on that one). Our babies are six weeks apart. Our senses of humor are equal parts crude, offensive, and awesome. It just works. I hope every married couple can find that other married couple that they're meant to spend the rest of their lives with.

All this to say - we had a great time. Elyssa and I brough our ukuleles and jammed like we were in college, walking along the sidewalk while out husbands pushed the strollers. We got brunch at Haute Cakes which had good scrambles, amazing brioche French toast, and terrible service. And as the saying goes, the only thing better than a perfect meal is an imperfect meal, because then we all have something to talk about.

At 1:00 we parted ways and spent the afternoon with my family. Every time we've gone to Newport, we've walked to this little dive called Big Belly Deli. These are the words I sing in the shower, folks. Big Belly Deli. They know pizza, is all I'm saying. Get Marcy's White Out pizza, or the Pesto Pie. You'll have garlic coming out of your pores for days, and as always where garlic is concerned, it's worth it.

I'm not sure how to gracefully conclude.
The End.

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  1. I totally agree! It is hard to find friends when you're older, and harder when you're married! We moved to NC about three years ago and my (now) husband and I weren't married yet, but we were older, out of school age, and had "friends" at work, but they weren't people that we hung out with outside of work. We got married and bought our own house in 2011 and are SUPER LUCKY that our neighbors are somewhat our age (a little older than us) and have the same likes, beliefs, etc. It's great!

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