Friday, November 29, 2013


When we finished our kitchen, we also finished our living room, but I didn't want to post pictures because of one unfinished item. Conrad always used this old drafting table as his desk, and it was ugly and dirty and not styled to fit. A new desk had been on his birthday/Christmas list for a long time, but I never found one that satisfied me. Finally, perusing Craigslist one day, I came across this amazing vintage Stanley desk, newly restored. It was the one. The mid-century lines fit with our couch, but not in a too-retro kind of way. We drove down to the city, picked it up, and down came the drafting table. Now we've got this cool little command center complete with a mini file cabinet that I got a long time ago from Pottery Barn, a printer, and millions of cords (that I'll need to get under control before H starts crawling).

I cleaned each little snapshot area only by moving junk from spot to spot. I tried my best to hide Henry's swing in the back, but my life is one with a baby in it, so. Everything just came together. The main changes in this room were the floor, the couch, the rug, and the desk. With the new floor (vinyl that looks like wood!), I knew I wanted a rug to define the space and add a little padding for Henry's tummy time and eventual crawling. I found this awesome blue and cream chevron area rug one for under $150 (it's approximately 8x11, which can run into the thousands!!). The couch was a custom design by Skylar's in Carlsbad, and the desk was a vintage find on Craigslist.

I'm still looking for art for the walls, maybe a gallery wall around the TV? Or on the wall behind the desk? They're big walls, so I don't want to leave them blank. I love how if we just push the ottoman to the side, there's plenty of play room on the floor. The sectional adds more seating than two separate couches, and saves space. What do you guys think of our new space?

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