Saturday, January 25, 2014

HEY HENRY//5 months

I'm not much for recording developmental milestones, but I like the idea of documenting what's happening in the life of my baby, so I'm starting this little series of Hey Henry.

Hey Henry. We never actually call you Henry. Henny is the most common, and you seem to be recognizing it when we say it. You're learning and growing and you're longer and skinnier than most babies your age, and you're just perfect for it, so I don't feel a need to tell you everything you are doing.

More importantly, I want to tell you how we're becoming best buds. Your face shows sheer glee when you see me, and it is the single most gratifying thing. I made a person who likes me. We go on outings together, and seeing you see things for the first time is amazing (the aquarium was especially fun). I get to be the one who shows you the world.

For a while there, you got really off schedule due to a growth spurt and I just couldn't figure out how to get you back on a schedule. So we each woke up several times a night. We stopped nursing every two hours and started going every three hours, and I stopped nursing you to sleep. Suddenly you were sleeping longer and taking naps that were long enough to actually complete the tasks I started!

When you eat, you reach up and touch my face. You just put your hand on my cheek and pet me until you're full. Sometimes I pretend I'm eating your hand, and you smile up at me and gurgle a little laugh. If your dad's nearby, there's nothing I can do to make you eat. You arch your back and look at him upside down with a goofy smile on your face, and you won't look away until he leaves. I live for your laughter, seriously. I work darn hard for it, too. You mostly only laugh if you're already kind of punchy, usually right before naps or bedtime.

You have blond fuzz on your whole head, and about ten really long ones right in the front. There's a spot on the back of your head that has rubbed totally bald, and you have a little flat spot that we've been working on fixing with the chiropractor. Your ears stick out like my sister's, and your head is big and round like mine. I love looking at you. I'm trying to enjoy the things that I know will soon change forever. Like your gums. Your toothless little mouth is the best. And your super-long torso.

Valentine's Day is coming up, and you're on my list. Your half-birthday is also coming up! I'm planning a silly little half-party. You'll likely not understand any of it, and you aren't eating solids yet, so the day won't really be different for you than any other day, but soon you'll get it. I'd love to make half-birthdays a thing. It's one more excuse to have a special day. I love your age and I love watching you learn and bond with me and your dad.

You are our happiness, babe!
Love your mama

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