Wednesday, February 26, 2014


The Frames had all kinds of stuff going on this week. Nothing monumental, but big in terms of everyday life. Bigger than our routine, I guess. We've started walking. Such a statement. I've been making and unmaking that statement for years. Here we are again: we've started walking. Henry loves it with all of his chins, which is extra motivation to get out and get some exercise and fresh air. If he's cranky, stick him in the stroller and stroll.

This kid is the most fun I've ever had. Six months old is a blast. It's also a challenge, but it's more a blast. He is so interactive and friendly and his little personality is just getting bigger all the time. Six months for the win! But please start sleeping through the night soon.

On Friday, after a week full of fussy days and sleepless nights and scattered brains, my mother-in-law offered to take Henry for a couple of hours, totally out of the blue. It must have been some kind of prompting, and I didn't even realize how badly I needed a break, but man, it was such a perfectly timed blessing. I took myself out to lunch and got a big, greasy, two-handed burger, then moseyed through some model homes - my favorite activity probably ever.

Then, Saturday, we headed up to my parents' house for the weekend (Conrad took Monday off work) and had some fun time with everyone. We went to church on Sunday and it was so good. Nothing especially better than normal, but just...better? We came home with such uplifted spirits and went for a nice family walk, where the flowers were just going bonkers. They think it's April because of this crazy weather! Everything was in bloom and it was almost hot. And Henry and his chins were loving it all.

We came home Monday night, and crashed into bed. I've been spending the last couple days catching up on laundry and groceries, and it's kind of nice to be back to normal. Yesterday Henry had his six-month doctor's appointment and shots, and he was actually really amazing and brave. He's much more receptive to comfort than he was when he was a newborn, so it's easy to calm him down and make him happy again. He was even fine enough to go get some pizza and run to Target later in the day, but (after four poopless days) had quite the diaper situation, and I was forced to put him in his carseat in nothing but a clean diaper and three little bandaids. He didn't seem to mind, seeing as he fell asleep almost immediately.

These weekly US LATELY posts are really fun for me. It's a great way to post what we're up to, but it leaves the other days open for me to write about other things. Our life is so great these days! If you asked me to paint a picture of my perfect, most happy life, this is it, right here.

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