Tuesday, February 25, 2014

HEY HENRY//6 months

Hey Henry! You are just everyone's favorite little person. You are sitting up on your own and you laugh and are discovering all the wonderful things within your reach. Our morning routine is actually pretty great because I can just sit you down and let you play by yourself while I fold laundry and get ready.

You've been going through some weird growth spurt or something, because we briefly cut out our middle-of-the-night feeding, and all of a sudden you wanted it back. It's ok. I can handle it. I know you'll eventually stop and I'll miss the days when I could cuddle you as often as I do. This time in your life is so special to me. And very interesting. You're more fun and more interactive than you've ever been, but you're also more stubborn and determined (wonder where you get that from!). Some days are just one big handful and we have to go on three different walks just to keep from going insane, but most days are just amazing. We play and laugh and run errands and just sit together. Oh, sitting together though! The last few weeks, since this weird growth spurt struck, you wake up in the morning not quite hungry, so you sit straddled on my lap, laying on my chest, and we just rock together and I sing you "Feed the Birds" or "Dream a Little Dream of Me." These, I'm sure, will be the moments I will remember with bittersweetness.

Six months old. You got your shots today and were so exceptionally brave! You cried for under a minute, and as soon as I picked you up, you were your happy self again.

Your dad loves you so much. He comes home every day, dirty from work, and instead of eating or showering, his first desire is to kiss me hello and take you away from me to play. When you get all barrel-chested and proud of yourself for something, then let out a big screech-laugh, it cracks us up!

We love you, baby boy.

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