Friday, February 21, 2014

project 4 of 25/STRING ART INITIAL

If you search for string art on Pinterest, you'll get tons of cool, elaborate pins using string and nails. Most of them are really colorful and complicated. I loved the idea of doing something like string art for one of my 25 projects, but wanted to do something more simple and kind of rustic, so I decided to do a simple F for Frame on a plain piece of stained wood. I posted a picture of it in yesterday's post on the clock wall.
First I sketched out an F using the old January page from my large desk calendar where I plan out all my blog posts. I tested a Times type font first (as you may be able to see below the block letter), then decided on a more plain look. I did it freehand, then I used a ruler to make the lines straight, and used a sharpie to outline. 
I bought a pine plank from Home Depot and had them cut it in half (they'll do this for free), so I walked out with two slabs, each the perfect size for this project. I figured I could make one for myself, and if it turned out well, I could make one for a wedding present or something, or figure out another way to use it. I took the slab outside and sanded it on all sides, particularly all the corners and edges where it might splinter. Then I stained it. At first, I thought I'd only need to stain the front, but quickly realized that the pine was too light and it would show when it was finished, so I stained all of it, including the back. It took only about two hours before it was dry enough to handle. 
I cut out the F and centered it onto the board, just eyeballing it until it looked right. I taped it in place so it wouldn't move while I hammered the nails in, and got to work. 
I used over a hundred nails, hammering them about half an inch apart all the way around, and leaving them sticking out about half an inch. Then I tied some craft string to one nail and started twisting it around the nails until it looked right. 
It's too heavy to hang from a wall, but I honestly really like the look of it leaning. For now it's on my kitchen cart, but I don't think it's going to stay there. 
I love the way it turned out! It was so easy and really cheap, no more than about $30 for all the materials, including the second plank. 

I'm linking this project to Remodelaholic's link party and Tip Junkie.

This is Project 4 in my 25 Projects challenge. I am attempting to complete 25 projects this year. Contact me if you are interested in sponsoring one of the projects or featuring an item on the blog Craft supplies, handmade items, and home decor are encouraged.
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  1. So cute! I love the rustic idea so much! I want to try this, but for some reason I'm picturing mine on a background with a few planks of wood rather than just one, all stained slightly different Also, I love the clock wall.


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