Friday, February 7, 2014


My mom is vision-impaired. So much so that she hasn't been able to drive for fifteen years, and even stopped reading and had to learn Braille a couple years ago. She's almost completely blind. While I was brainstorming what to get my mom for her birthday, I knew typed or hand-written cards were out. If I wanted to send her a card, it had to be Braille. And that got me thinking about different methods for spelling something out in Braille. And then I realized I wouldn't be able to mail her something in time (and also I don't have a Brailler), so I'd just call her, but I was onto something with this Braille thing. What could I do with it? Valentines day cards! The message would have to be brief like "I love you" or "Be mine," lest the card have more holes than paper.

I liked "Be mine," so I punched the words out onto a simple piece of cardstock with a hole-puncher and stuck a heart on it in the spirit of Saint Valentine. I rather love how it turned out! It's an easy DIY - just look up the Braille alphabet and grab your hole-puncher and you can spell anything.

On the inside of the card, I wrote "My heart sees love that my eyes cannot." You could also write something to the effect of "Love is blind."

I'm going to try to make some cards with my mom's actual Brailler (you know, with the bumps?) and list them for sale in the shop. They probably won't be Valentine's Day themed since it may take me some time to get it all finished, but I'm excited to see what I come up with! Meanwhile, if you're interested in other paper ephemera, check out my mini books for sale now! Limited availability, so hurry!

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