Monday, March 24, 2014


Alright. My heart's in my throat. My nerves are jumping. Here is one of the several business projects I've been working on. It's not THE idea, but it's one I've been working on for a while now. Why is it always so scary to unveil a product? Maybe because when you come up with something independently, there's a lot of soul in it, a lot of vulnerability. I came up with the idea a while ago when I saw this:
I wished I had a professional-looking card to call out all the terrible parkers. You could leave a handwritten note, but it's a little more fun to actually have something that looks good, like you were prepared for this ridiculousness. So I came up with the STOP IT card. It's  2x3.5 inch card, stamped with a rubber stamp. Each card is handmade, so they differ very slightly. Of course, there are other uses for them, such as a sarcastic "STOP IT" when someone does something awesome or silly. They're for sale now in the shop.

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