Tuesday, March 4, 2014


That top picture of Henry and me napping together is actually from last week when we stayed with my parents. Conrad captured that sweet moment and I wanted to get it on the blog.

On to this week! We had a couple rainy nights this week, the rainiest of which we decided to head out for some Greek food. Monumental, I know. 

We got Henny a high chair after we started recognizing some signs that he was ready for it. Mainly, he started to be able to flip out of his little bouncer chair, and the Bumbo has never been a real friend of his. He's enjoying it so far, particularly the fabulous tray that doubles as a banging drum. I tried cutting up some banana into little pieces to let him try to grab it. He swiped his arm around until he was positively sticky and the bananas were all too far away to reach, and then got really mad at me for it. As I stripped him naked in the kitchen sink, it occured to me that cut-up bananas are really slippery, and that probably wasn't the best food to practice the pincer with. Funny how logic doesn't really come to you until after you could have used it. 

Conrad bought me those white mums for Valentine's Day, and they're still going strong, aside from some wilty leaves. The rosemary next to it is also wilty but surviving. Speaking of flowers, there's this hydrangea bush outside my kitchen window, and every year they chop off all the leaves and flowers right down to the naked branches. It looks pretty pathetic for a month or two, but when the new growth comes in, it's so pretty. Such a reminder of life and beauty and resilience. New growth can only come after a harsh chop. Or something much more eloquent.

I've been sewing like a madwoman these days. As I've stated before, I'm a binge crafter. I pick a hobby, make it to death, then move on. I finished the quilt I started for 25 projects (it's not nearly as beautiful as this one; I'll be revealing it on Friday!), but was still in the mood for sewing, so I went to work on this honeycomb beauty. This quilt is really amazing. It's entirely hand-sewn, so it takes a long time, but it's totally therapeutic. Throw on some House of Cards or Call the Midwife and start sewing, and you'll get a sort of highway hipnosis (only from sewing, not driving). You'll come to with a finished quilt on your lap, sore fingers, and an empty Netflix queue, and you won't know what happened. 

And those last two are just our outing yesterday. Costco and a quick peek at the ocean on the way home. 

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