Wednesday, April 2, 2014


This month, I was kind of in survival mode, so executing the personal and professional goals I had set for myself at the beginning of March was kind of the last thing on my mind. I had set a couple of goals that just sort of happened naturally (I do that on purpose so I can feel like I've accomplished something even if I forgot about my goals), like getting a haircut, continuing to nurse Henry, and (sort of) finding an at-home job. I applied for about ten different jobs on elance - just freelance contracted jobs - and ended up getting one of them. I ghostwrote an ebook for someone (for literal pennies), and it was fun and hard and I have the work experience on my profile, so hopefully it will help me get more jobs with better pay in the future. We went on a couple date nights, which is a vast improvement from how it was for a while (which, I guess is the point of goal setting - to improve). And I completed project 5 and project 6 for my 25 projects challenge. Again and again this project proves to not only better my home, but exercise my creativity and build my self worth.

I didn't get out every single day, but I did get out most days, and I even have a tanline to show for it. I've done no work on my blog design or my novella. I've also done some work for Conrad doing SEO articles for his online businesses.

This month is going to be nuts. We're going on two different weekend trips over General Conference and Easter, so we'll be preparing from, in the middle of, or just returning from a trip pretty much all month. I've got another freelance job coming up that's going to be a lot more rewarding (literally), and I've planned out all our meals for April to help us save money and be healthier. As for 25 projects #7 and #8, I don't know what I'm going to do, or when I'm going to do it. Up until now, I've had my projects all lined up so I knew what I needed to start working on, and now I'm, like, two days away from my personal "due date" (every other Friday), and I haven't started anything.

I'm looking up, and I've decided to start journalling daily some reasons I like myself. I was going to do a hashtag series on Instagram, but decided that building myself up should be for myself, not necessarily to display to everyone else why I'm awesome.

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  1. After having my little Peanut I really wish I could be a work at home mommy! I love your 25 projects idea. I turned 25 the day after Peanut was born. <3

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