Sunday, April 27, 2014


After an unexpected and sort of long break from blogging and pretty much everything else, I'm back! Sometimes you just need a three-week break, or something? Over Easter, we trucked out to Palm Desert, Cathedral City, and Palm Springs to spend the holiday with Conrad's family. We stayed in a relative's vacation home that was straight out of the high-end 80's. Complete with lavender carpet, coordinating baby blue, lavender, and pink schemes in every room, and the most ridiculous/amazing gold front doors probably in the whole world, this place served as a pretty fun little vacation spot, if not for it's perfect desert location, then simply by virtue of being so vastly different from anything we'd ever choose to live in.
I'm telling you.
Friday morning, before Conrad and my brother-in-law Kenny got there, we all headed to The Living Desert, a local foliage and wildlife garden and zoo.
This little boy was taking a picture on the other side of this tunnel, and we sort of played a game of Camera Chicken. He moved first, but I ended up liking the picture of him better than the one without him.
Afterwards, we went to this little sandwich place (sandwiches! every day!) called The Lunch Box. [Conrad and I went to a totally different Lunch Box in St. George just at the beginning of the month!] We found out that we know the owner, and ended up eating here twice over the weekend.
This is our Easter picture. And those. Those are the gold doors. Sort of like an elevator, no? At a fancy hotel.
For Easter, we had dinner with Conrad's big extended family. We swam in the pool with Henny, who had a total blast. He's a water baby, just as I predicted! Later, just for fun, I gave Henny a single peep. His first peep! He licked all the blue sugar off of it, making it all slippery and sticky. Then, in two slurps, the thing was gone. I didn't even get a picture of it in his hand! He loved it, obviously. A story about sharing sweets with my baby.

Once, I was out to lunch at the mall at the Nordstrom cafe, and I was sharing my lemon bar with him. I gave him maybe four or five baby-sized bites, but the thing is, lemon bars are really rich and acidic. Later, while we were shopping, he hurled a lunch and a half. From that experience, I learned that giving him small amounts of non-rich, non-acidic sweets is totally fine. I'm of the persuasion that kids who are never allowed to have sugar will never learn how to control themselves regarding sweets. 

Go to Palm Springs and share peeps with your baby, is the moral of this story. He'll love it and it will be super cute and he'll look like a little half-Smurf. To clean him off, we dipped him back into the pool, and then headed home. Isn't it funny how even a couple nights away from home makes you soooo happy to be back in your own bed? Anyway, we're back now, and we've got a bunch of fun stuff coming up. Hopefully I'll be able to stay on top of posting now!

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