Thursday, April 10, 2014


Before I started doing my monthly goal setting and assessment, I had been setting seasonal goals. I'm a huge goal-setter, and any excuse to better myself and set my sights toward an accomplishment is exciting. I kind of stopped doing the seasonal goals since I've started my monthly assessment, but I'd like to pick it back up. My monthly goals have been tightly categorized, following in theme with my word of the year. I'd like to have a looser place to set some goals that might not be as relevant to "Build," just so I have some flexibility.

We downloaded a few audio books for our drive to Utah, and I'm loving the freedom it gives me! I can play it on my phone while I do chores, drive, go for a walk, etc. Granted, doing stuff while I listen to a book kind of takes away from the relaxation aspect of sitting down and focusing on nothing but the pages in front of you, but I'm loving listening to the stories, both for their entertainment and their education (I am an aspiring writer, after all). So the following are books I'd like to read or have read to me this summer.
The Secret of Writing
The Lost Symbol
The Rosie Project
The Husbands Secret
The Storyteller
Gone Girl
Killing Jesus

As I mentioned in this post, we've got a lot going on this spring and summer. It seems that every other weekend we're toting our baby off to some new place. I don't want to waste a single drop of sunshine, but I also want to enjoy those weekends we're home and don't have anything big to do. So I've resolved to fill my free Saturdays with beach days, hikes, date nights, and family time. In fact, I'm so schedule-oriented that I've already reserved some beach days and date nights on my calendar so we don't make any other plans! A bonus of doing fun activities like swimming in the ocean, hiking, paddle boarding, and kayaking is the fitness you achieve. So. Two birds, right?

Palm Springs, Laughlin, and a couple islands in the Bahamas. These trips are already planned (and we just had our Utah trip), which makes this a sure accomplishment.

I finished my first real story a few months ago, and realized it was total garbage. I had intended to edit it and revise it, but I started to hate the story more and more, and I decided that that is just a project I can dump. I have a long way to go, I think, before I produce something of any worth, so I'd like to start working on my next story. I'm sure it won't be the best one, but I think writers constantly evolve and improve with practice.

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