Friday, March 28, 2014


Last year was all about the pregnancy and then the new baby. We went on our babymoon to Santa Barbara (post 1, 2), but that was just about it. We didn't really go anywhere special, simply because I was pregnant. The thought of traveling was overwhelming, and I didn't want to worry about going into labor prematurely or putting myself in danger. But we went overboard with the whole "not going anywhere" thing. We didn't even go to the beach, and I was pregnant all summer! We had maybe two or three different beach days, and that's really sad considering our location.

So this year, we're kind of making up for lost time. We've got something going on almost every month, and I'm super excited about it! We scored tickets for general conference in a couple weeks, so we'll be heading up to Salt Lake for the weekend. We've got Palm Springs for Easter, the Bahamas in May (what!), Seattle for Father's Day, at least five trips to La Verne to visit my family (and attend the Pasadena Showcase tour like we do with them every year), a Laughlin trip with Conrad's family, and a Pacific Beach family reunion - and that's only up until August! I'm working on squeezing in a little weekend camping trip in July, and Conrad has requested that all free, weather-permitting weekends be spend at the beach.

So! Being the calendar master that I am, I've already reserved a few beach days, and if it's not sunny enough I've planned for hikes and bike rides. We're getting out this year! Spending a whole year behind closed curtains has gotten to me, and I'm officially sick of it. My swelling is gone, my baby weight is long gone, and I've got a kid who's eager to see the world!

Best summer ever, anyone?

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