Monday, May 5, 2014


Thank you, Santa Ana winds for bringing us a blip of summer in the middle of spring. We are loving this little heatwave - it's been in the 90's all week, and we've been enjoying every minute! I threw on my Beverly Swimwear Tri-color-kini, slathered up with sunscreen, and hopped in the pool with my baby. And who would have guessed it? Henry's a total water baby. Actually, everyone probably guessed it. He laughs and splashes and dunks his face then gasps for air as he learns how close the water is and how to hold his breath. I'm planning on teaching him baby swim lessons this summer so I can trust that he'll know how to at least float on his back and get to the edge of the pool if he ever falls in. 

Oh, that bathing suit. I'm having a total love affair with high-waisted two-pieces, and BevSwim makes a ton of them -- all customized. After having Henry, I've had to adjust to my new body and it's new measurements. My stomach has always been a trouble spot for me, and I have a hard time finding bathing suits that fit my top and bottom with proper support and coverage in the right areas. Add stretch marks and breastfeeding, and you get a body that's really difficult to find a swimsuit for. With BevSwim, You can pick your fabrics and your shape, and then tell Bev if you need extra support, extra coverage, etc., and she'll make the suit especially for your body. I went with the Tri-color-kini exactly how she made it because I loved the neons! She added a strap so I'd have a little extra support, and made the top a little thicker so everything is covered appropriately. 

We'll be spending lots of time in the sun this summer, and I'll definitely be in this suit a lot! We've got a big island getaway coming up soon, and you know that suit will be coming with me. 

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  1. That's a great swimsuit! I've had so much trouble finding something that supports my new post-baby boobs. Triangle tops are a no-no and I used to wear them all the time. I'm thinking I'll have to invest in some one-pieces.

    Henry looks SO CUTE!

    Maria xx


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