Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Like I said yesterday, we've really been making the most of this little heatwave. Every year, we get a really hot spell in the spring, then the summer is mostly grey and gloom, and the late summer and fall is really hot. Our seasons are all wonky, but at least it's predictable!
This last Saturday, we had a beach day. I got a pretty notable tanline, and I bravely and uncharacteristically swam in the ocean. It was just a perfectly relaxing day. Beach days seem less complicated now, for some reason, even with Henry and all the extra stuff he comes with. Between the pack and play, the umbrella, a clean blanket, and baby-friendly food, I thought it would be way harder to take a baby to the beach than it actually is. I think motherhood has forced me to lighten up a bit, let go of the little irritations that were enough to make me have a bad time. Like getting all sandy. I used to go crazy because of the sand and the bugs and the scary ocean, and now I'm kind of like, "what bugs?"
We tested out the little BBQ I got Conrad for our anniversary, made some burgers, and beached ourselves. Henry was in the shade most of the time, but for the little blips where he was out and about, he had a pretty full experience of the beach. No less than three fistfuls of sand were eaten, he dunked in the ocean and didn't even squawk, crawled around on the blankets, and ate watermelon and banana in the play pen. Such a fun day!

Other stuff going on: getting ready for our big island getaway, filling the calendar with something fun every day, planning low-carb meals (I'm excited to share more for this month's meal plan post), working out at home and getting stronger, and trying to catch up on 25 projects!


  1. Its posts like this that make me so JEALOUS of you/homesick. Marrying a boy from Salt Lake seemed like a great idea at the time. . . Haha kidding! But I really miss CA. I can't wait to take my babies to the beach this summer.

  2. Love how you take the travel play pen to the beach! It never occurred to me to do that!

    Sounds like you're definitely making the most of the lovely weather.

    Maria xx


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