Tuesday, May 13, 2014


About 6 years ago, when Conrad and I were dating, we went on one or two dates at the Huntington Library. We took a picture under that awning of vines (second photo from the bottom), and this last weekend, when we visited with my family, we took another picture, five years married and holding our baby boy. Henry loves being outside, beeteedubs. He wants to touch everything and his crankiness just floats away and he is quiet and observant. He's also starting to understand the selfie concept, and he hates wearing hats. We'll be heading out to the Bahamas soon (I can't even believe it), so don't expect too many posts from me, as I'll be soaking up the sun and snorkeling and such.

In other exciting news, I recently wrote my first article for a financial website that I'll be contributing to regularly. The article is pretty dry, but I'm excited to have something officially published, so I'll be sharing it for anyone who's interested in viewing something my little fingers typed.  Hope you're all enjoying spring as much as we are!

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