Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Pardon my absence! Things have gotten busy in our parts. First off, I got a job! Two, in fact. I think I mentioned a while ago that I became a contributor on, but I'm also now contracting for various websites, and the work is so consistent that I've got something every day! I'm busy, like actually busy with non-baby-related things for the first time in a looooong time. 
Second, my sister has fallen headlong into wedding planning, and she, her fiance Jesse, and I went out into the oak reservoir by my parents' house to take some practice engagement photos. Some of them turned out good, but mostly, I'm a writer, not a photographer, if you catch my drift. As far as wedding planning goes, they've got two months 'til the big day, so it's a little crazy. But obviously, everyone's very excited and helpful (or trying to be).
Thirdly, burgers, fresh fruits and veggies, and picnics in the park. You can't expect it to be a post on TFL without some mention of food. Henry is quite the little eater, despite his low percentile (he's long and skinny, that one), so I like to have lots of healthy foods on hand for snacks and meals. Get this: he'll eat the beets that I won't eat. That's how not-picky he is. 
He's crawling like a racer, and recently mastered stairs, so that might explain both my absence from the blog and my weight loss (also due to reason number three). 

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