Tuesday, June 17, 2014


We took the funnest little one-night trip to Seattle this weekend for Father's Day. Henry was a trooper, as always (except for waking up five times during the night, but the days were easy and he slept for both plane rides). We visited friends and family, saw some of Seattle's famous sites, and ate some delicious food. We packed in as much as we could in 36 hours, and I'd say given how little time we had, we pretty much maxed out the trip. We hit Pike's Place for browsing and lunch, saw Snoqualmie Falls, visited Kerry Park for it's famous skyline view of the city, drove around underneath the Space Needle (but decided we didn't have time to go up), and gawked at the unbelievable forests that are everywhere up there. Seriously, trees so thick right off the freeway that you couldn't see the houses ten feet away. Walls of greenery.
It was totally beautiful, and we were blessed with great weather the whole time (yes, that includes the drizzle). Happy late Father's Day wishes to my amazing guy Conrad, who is the most helpful, loving, involved Dad there ever was, and to my own Dad and father-in-law, who are so fun and great. Thanks for being great examples, guardians, and providers to all the kids out there!

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