Tuesday, June 10, 2014


This is our life the last couple weeks. It's a jumble of lovely little things and a few big things, and it's been so great. 

In order of importance: my sister's boyfriend asked her to marry him, and she said yes! So we're already planning a wedding for the end of the summer, and nobody could even be more excited. 

We've had a couple of visits with my Nana, and the time with her has been so special and sweet. She's heading to Colorado for the summer, so I'm glad Henry has been able to spend some time with her before she leaves for a couple months. 

We've visited the Keys Creek Lavender Farm twice, and it is just so pretty and fragrant (though much smaller than expected). The season ends on June 13 and it was only five dollars for a ticket (which you can reuse), so it's been a fun little outing for us.

We spent this last weekend in Newport with our friends and babies, and it was so fun and nice. Let me just say BIG BELLY DELI. Their pizza is great. 

I dyed an old, dingey, white swimsuit bright yellow, figuring I wasn't going to wear it anymore, so I was willing to risk a bad dye job. But it turned out great and super sunny, and I'm happy to recycle an old favorite!

We finally converted our second bedroom into an actual nursery and got rid of our daybed. Henry's items are no longer scattered all over the house (crib in the second bedroom, dresser/changing table in our room, toys in the living room), and the lack of clutter is refreshing.

I tried a week ago to make a roasted vegetable mix of sweet potatoes, carrots, and beets, thinking, "I'm a grown up now, I like beets, right?" Only, beets taste like dirt no matter how you make them, and I firmly decided I must not be a grown up yet, because yuck. So, like a true non-grown-up, I blended up all the veggies, plus a zucchini, and fed it to my baby, who, turns out, loves it! Curious.

Aaaaaaaaaaand that's all. Have a lovely week!

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