Friday, June 6, 2014


This project was a really fun one. After taking a pretty significant break (yet again) from blogging and crafting in order to travel and enjoy my life, I was excited to get creative again. This project was fun and checked three different boxes for me: do something fun with Henry, fulfill one of my 25 projects, and make a father's day gift for Henry's grandpas. It couldn't have been simpler. I dipped his hands and feet in non-toxic acrylic paint, then pressed a print onto a flat canvas board. 
 It took a little under an hour to do the whole project, which is long, considering how simple it was. I had to strip Henry down to his disposable drawers, then for some reason I wanted to do each hand and foot print different colors, so I had to walk back and forth to the sink and rinse him off after each paint dip.
I was surprised by how still Henry kept his hands and feet when I pressed them to the canvas. I guess I sort of expected him to thrash and get paint everywhere since he's a busy little boy. For the most part, the prints are really good, but a little messy, particularly on the hands. I'm happy it was a little messy. It shows how he is, how he moves and wiggles. It's realy. Henry got a little uncomfortable toward the end, but quickly recovered. We ended up with a fun, super easy, and child-interactive project that the grandpas will love! 

This is Project 7 in my 25 Projects challenge. I am attempting to complete 25 projects this year. Contact me if you are interested in sponsoring one of the projects or featuring an item on the blog Craft supplies, handmade items, and home decor are encouraged.
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