Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A nursery for a little prince (because seriously, we'd have to be royalty to afford it)

Oh, baby boy stuff. That co-sleeper up there was designed by some Italian designers for a contest, and it isn't actually a product you can buy, but man, do I wish it was. It's the most sensible design for a co-sleeper I've ever seen. Why are there no others like it?! 

The Restoration Hardware crib and dresser are totally beautiful and absolutely too expensive for me. I'm thinking I'll either go with a white crib or a driftwood crib like the one above. And don't get me started on how senseless changing tables are. I'll take a full-size dresser and a $20 changing pad, thankyouverymuch

As for decor, I was thinking I'd stick with a nautical theme and go with whales (which I still love), but maybe I'll go less "theme-y" and more "do whatever I want because my baby won't care anyway." So I threw a hot-air balloon mobile into the mix, and I'm super in love with the grey and yellow one above. 

And more whale art. 


  1. That co-sleeper add-on bed is AMAZING. Gosh dang, why does having to raise a child in lovely splendor have to cost so much? Hehe. xo

  2. yeah, we can't afford all that stuff either. There is a bedside co sleeper ( that you can buy, but not that specific one. I wish I had one, but the pack n play bassinet worked well enough for us and didn't break the bank.


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