Saturday, June 29, 2013


I'm thirty-three weeks pregnant. Which means that sometime in the next 8 weeks (hopefully 5-7), I will have a baby in my arms.

THAT is blowing my mind. Every step of pregnancy has kind of blown my mind, though.

This week I went to a breastfeeding class that, while sort of awkward, left me feeling really informed and confident in nursing. Previously, it had been something I was really on the fence about.

Conrad and I also went to our first birthing class. Since I'm simultaneously a super-motivated mama and an uber-procrastinator all at once, I waited until a few weeks ago to sign up for the class. Which is seven weeks long. And I have seven weeks left. If we're lucky, we'll get out of the last session or two. As much as I loved school, I always loved ditch days, and what better reason to miss class than "I gave birth."

I spent some time with my family this weekend, which was great. I've got my showers coming up next week and had some stuff to go over with my mom. Weather in LA is drastically different than in San Diego. Read: much freaking hotter. Like, a thirty degree difference. So my mom dug out her most stretched out swimsuit for me to borrow and we swam in the pool. The heavenly pool. It was actually the first time I've really gone swimming all summer. I mostly sat on the extra-wide first step and let The Boy kick while I soaked up some sun. And burned a little, since that's what I seem to do these days, with all these extra hormones, or something.

People keep asking me, on account of the heat, if I'm really ready to be done, or some variation of the question. I can honestly say, no, I'm not. Pregnancy has been one of the most pleasant, fulfilling, fast-moving things I've ever done, and any discomfort I've felt has been totally outweighed by all the kicks and excitement and closeness that Conrad and I have felt. So, no, lady in the grocery store. I'm happy to stick it out for the summer. And I'll be happy to do it again in a few years.

Pregnancy updates:
Baby probably weighs around 4 pounds.
I've gained 25 pounds.
The Boy is a fish who's too big for his pond. Every move he makes throws me off balance or makes be dizzy. We're both getting excited for the day he can come out.
I've officially stretched my love handles further than they're willing to go. Up until about 28 weeks, I was rocking one single, vertical stretch mark on each side. Now, it looks a little more like a bear mauled me. Still none on the front of the belly, though, which I'm grateful for.
I'm leaking. I'll just leave it at that, since I know my dad reads my blogs sometimes.
I'm DYING to get a 4D ultrasound. Anyone want to front $100 so I can go see my kid?
My feet don't really swell. Maybe at the end of a long, on-your-feet day, they'll be a little puffier than usual, but nothing elephant-like.
My hands have had some "numbness." That's not really how I'd describe it, but that's how my doctor described it, so I guess that's what it is. I can still feel my hands fine (they don't actually feel numb), but I have trouble gripping objects like pens or cups. Like I have less control over those muscles. Weird. And it makes applying eyelashes quite a bit harder.
My back hurt for a while, but I realized I need to stop sitting on my couch that promotes horrible posture and spend more time on my birthing ball. Also, massages are wonderful.

Questions for you:
My hair has gotten darker. ^^^ I'd still call it blond, but it's much darker on the top of my scalp. For those of you who've had babies, will my hair go back to it's medium-blond color, or stay darker?
Have any of you felt the hand "numbness" I described? How do you remedy/prevent it?
Anyone have any healthy snack suggestions that I can make or have in larger quantities, ready to grab?
Which trimester did you grow/gain the most? I feel like I gained and grew much more in the second trimester. Not that it's bad, just wondering.

And just so you guys know, here are some blog updates I wanted to share with you!
I gave my About page a huge facelift. I'd love for you to check it out and let me know what you think! (Also changed/added: My Contact page, FAQ page)
Here's a giveaway for an art print from A Cat-Like Curiosity.
Here's a giveaway for $50 credit to Fruitful Feet.
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  1. My go to snack is homemade trail mix. I buy almonds, make my own granola, cranberries, nuts, etc etc and put it all together. Buy buying it separately I can make large quantities and have a healthy snack on hand. Plus, blueberries. They are on sale right now, so I'm stocked up. Easy grab foods. As for numbness, no, but tingling in my feet sometimes and I get the being uncoordinated thing. I gained more weight in the second trimester so far. I'm 32 weeks but already gained like 35 lbs but started out super tiny...not really concerned about it though because I eat healthy and my body knows what It's doing. Nursing helps that too so glad you took a class!

  2. I gained the most weight in my 3rd trimester, and in total I gained about 30 pounds. As for the numbness in the hands - it pretty much comes with the pregnancy. Some get it, some don't. I had it, and it left me a few months after giving birth. Try hand massages to stimulate the blood vessels. I agree with LeiShell above about the trail mix. Pack them in little snack size zip bags and place them in a tray or basket on your counter or something so you can just grab and go. I'd add chocolate chips or M&Ms to my goody bags, because I always needed a chocolate fix. Also, if you're in the baking mood, turkey muffins (if you eat turkey) or whatever muffins you like make pretty good to-go foods too. :)

  3. Love your new "About" page! Did you get married in the LA Temple? That's where I got married!

    And now, for the questions. As a former human sexuality/child development teacher and having been pregnant twice, I just LOVE talking about pregnancy. So much. Anyway. . .

    My hair never changed color. My mom's did and when she had two kids in 15 months it got really dark. But it went back.

    I felt a lot of weird numbness when I was pregnant the first time. If I sat in one spot for 15 minutes I would go numb on my bottom, sometimes the ball of my foot, and maybe a toe or two. This didn't happen with my second, so I think it's just how the baby is positioned and what nerves they might be pressing on.

    I love roasted chickpeas as a snack, but be prepared for gas! :)

    I felt like my weight gain was completely out of my control and according to what my babies needed because some months I would gain 7 pounds and then then next I would gain only one. So no advice from me there

  4. my hair got darker and stayed darker...I was a medium/dark blonde blonde before and now Im darker blonde...sad to say on the verge of a brown.

    numbness happened to my sister in law...she was a teacher and couldn't barely write on the chalkboard

    Smoothies are great, but on the go, try veggie sticks or granola bars

    im 38 weeks and live in AZ so I feel your pain with the heat...almost done!

  5. I can not believe you are getting so close, eek, so exciting! And if you do get the 4D ultra sound make sure to post pictures!

    Sparkles and Shoes
    Don't forget about the switch to BlogLovin!

  6. I loved trail mix with nuts, dried fruit, and M&M's as a snack when I was pregnant. I'm pretty sure I gained the most during my third trimester. What your hands are experiencing is probably loosening ligaments. As you may know from your birthing class(es), the ligaments in your body loosen to ease the birthing process. I thought that just meant around my hips, but my doctor said it happens throughout your body. That's why you have to be cautious when working out (you can land on your looser knees wrong while running or over-stretch while doing yoga, for example). It's also why so many pregnant gals are "clumsy." They literally can't grip things as hard as they used to be able to. I stopped doing dishes toward the end of pregnancy because I got tired of dropping and breaking things!


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