Monday, January 13, 2014


Since we rearranged our furniture to have the office space on the smaller wall by the fireplace, I've put up a little gallery of some art and photos that are meaningful to us. Art is a hard thing. I feel like what I like changes all the time, and then my style is kind of all over the place. So I went with stuff that is special to me or that I just plain love. I love the idea of a gallery wall because it can expand as you acquire more pieces that you love! I plan to make something special for this wall for one of my 25 projects for the year.
 The big photo in the middle on the top is a photograph of my ancestors on a trip to Yellowstone in 1891. My grandma's mother was a little girl in the photo. The sketch of a log cabin and the small painted vase of daisies were done by my grandma a long time ago - she has since gotten tremors that make it almost impossible for her to write or draw, so these were special to me. The numbers in the top left are our dates: Conrad's birthday, mine, our wedding, and Henry. The long picture in the bottom row is the Frame Coat of Arms. The Frames are of Scottish descent, so this was another family-centric item for the wall. The two larger flowers on the bottom row are my most recent additions.
 They're both original pieces by an up-and-coming artist in the LA area, Brittany Ciauri. She painted something for my brother before he left on his mission, and it's hanging in his room. When I saw it, I knew she was really talented and wanted to share her work. I approached her and asked her if I could show her to my readers, and she not only said yes, she offered to give away a painting to one of you!
The small sunflower is 8x10, and one of you will win it! It's really beautifully painted, and despite it's bright colors, it somehow works as a neutral piece, which means it's great for any wall and almost any style. All you have to do to enter is follow her on instagram and then leave a comment here telling me where you'll put the painting if you win it! She posts a lot of her paintings on instagram, and if you see one you like, inquire for a price (she did one of a lion that is amazing)!

Happy entering!

I received a painting in exchange for writing this post, but I approached Brittany for her incredible talent, so you know these opinions are my own. Picture frames are from Costco and Michael's.

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