Tuesday, January 14, 2014


My parents' dog Jasper is totally unsure of Henry. He likes him and gets excited, but doesn't know how gentle he's supposed to be so he avoids him almost altogether. Henry, on the other hand, is thrilled to have an abundance of hair and ears and tail for pulling.

My sister visited us last week and while she was here we stopped in at a little outdoor grocer by my house. Their produce is bigger and cheaper than the grocery store, and they sell homemade breads and salsas and local honeys and flowers. I think I may start going here more often!

I've built up my inventory for The Framed Lady's shop, and I'm really excited to announce that it is now open! I'm doing it in a kind of pop-up style, where it will be somewhat temporary, and if it's successful I might keep it going, and if it isn't, I'll try again later with some different products. You can purchase these mini books (pictured above) here. They're awesome for mini scrapbooks or art journaling, and every book is unique! No book is exactly the same. I've got one more product coming soon that I'm SO excited about that I'm actually keeping it a secret, but I think will be really fun. I'll be announcing it later and doing pre-orders.

Henry was caught mid-blink and it turned into the funniest picture ever.

Family naptime is something to live for.

So are baby laughs. What is it about pretending to eat a baby that makes them crack up?

We sold our old car. The car we took on so many dates. The car we got engaged in. The car we moved homes in five times. While I'm so happy with our new car and I'm glad to have the old car off our hands, a small part of me feels a little sting of nostalgia at the fact that so many things happened in and with that car, and now it's out of our lives.

A friendly reminder: You can sponsor one of my 25 projects this year and have your shop/product featured in one of the posts. Contact me for more info.

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