Tuesday, January 21, 2014


We woke up early one day this week to take a friend to the airport, and Henny was a total stud in his shades. Also, he is the most well-behaved, good-natured little thing. We were in the car for three hours and he was totally quiet for the first half, then happily talkative for the second half.

He has started scooting. He started tummy time facing away from me, then wiggled around until he was facing me. Once he saw my face, he beamed with pride. We've been doing a lot more tummy time because of a flat spot issue he's had since October. More on that tomorrow!

This weekend we had our married soulmates come to town, and we had a blast. Baby Juniper and Henny are bald buds. We went out for pizza at Pizza Port, breakfast at the Broken Yolk, and walked along the coast. In case you want a cuteness overload, follow me on instagram. H and J have their own special hashtag, #hennyandjoon. Get it?

Unpictured: My sister is home from the hospital now! She had major reconstructive hip bone surgery on Wednesday. The surgery went well, recovery has begun, and we're all thankful for the prayers that were directed her way.

Finally, I'm working on Project #2 for my 25 Projects challenge! It's pretty obvious what it will be, but I'll post the step-by-step and the finished product this Friday!

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