Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Lace sheath dress in pink from Nordstrom, Mahal quilt from Anthropologie (sold out), Mid-century dresser and nightstands (West Elm pictured, but I've been watching Craiglslist), Needlepoint hoops for an upcoming project, JK Adams French tapered rolling pinFloor lamp from Target

Can you tell that my mindset is primarily in the realm of decorating our master bedroom? After our kitchen and living room remodel and furniture upgrade, we had transformed the ugliest part of our house into the nicest. Now, what was previously the nicest part of our house - our bedroom - is the ugliest. There's a ton of square footage, which makes it hard to decorate, and we're currently stuck with cheap, mismatched furniture. If you don't believe me when I say cheap, these are our nightstands. Plastic. Classy. So I've been daydreaming about some vintage pieces, a nice new floor lamp, and some lovely, bright bedding. Last month, I had said I wanted these sheets, only in bedspread form, and I actually found an orange/coral patterned quilt that totally fits my idea, only IT'S SOLD OUT. Of course. I'm on the lookout for its return.

One item on my mind is a kitchen item: a new dowel rolling pin. I'm pretty sure the one I got when we were first married (almost five years ago!) was no more than five dollars, and is totally splintered. This tapered dowel one from Sur la Table is ten dollars, but is high quality (it's a kitchen store, see), so I consider it a sound investment. The super-low price is just a bonus.

For an upcoming project in 25 projects, I'm hoping to try my hand at embroidery, but it will be rather unconventional. It's going to fit right in with my latest business venture.

That pink dress would be perfect for spring and summer. I'm actually surprised with myself that more clothing didn't make the list this month. Last month there was only one item, and it was a bathing suit which I ended up buying. Wahoo!

What's on your wishlist for the spring?

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